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Kristina Grace is a fine artist who both resides alongside and draws inspiration from the Southern California coastline. Living in Newport Beach has served as a constant source of inspiration for Grace. Her life and work reflect countless hours spent on the sand surrounded by surfers and the culture that comes with it. 

Grace’s art is colorful and whimsical, reflecting a joy found in her surrounding environment. Her unique sculptural works are a result of innumerable days spent at a local surf glassing shop, where she honed her interpretation and technique of applying epoxy and polyester resins. While these types of resins are typically used for creating surfboards, Grace has incorporated applications of tinted resins along side small figurines in her art. Surfers, skiers, flowers, butterflies, skulls and horseshoes appear throughout her current body of work. 

Her work has been widely exhibited and is in numerous private and public collections.

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My art is a physical manifestation of joyous moments experienced with family, friends and nature. I like working with multitudes of objects where their sheer numbers change the composition. This invites the viewer to step closer to see the whimsy in my work, and maybe in life. The resin allows me to deconstruct and alter the appearance of my subject. By manipulating the resin, I let it become part of the piece, not just a surface covering. I find such beauty in nature, family and physicality and strive to convey this through my work.


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